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Little nuggets

I'm always amazed at how many times I can read or hear the same story from the bible and learn something different every time. Some say it's because we hear or notice different things depending on what is going on in our life, where our mind is at the time, or even who or what our current focus may be.

I noticed this most recently with the reading of Gen 18:1-10a. I've listened numerous times to the account of the Lord appearing to Abraham as he sat in the entrance of his tent and how he saw 3 men. Spoiler alert, Abraham gets really excited, offers them first-rate hospitality, then is told he and Sarah will have a child despite being "advanced in years". The Lord even calls out Sarah when she tries to claim she didn't laugh at the thought of having "relations" at her age.

Until this most recent contemplation on the scripture, I never really considered that they say 3 men yet Abraham addresses them as Lord. This really teased my brain for more than a hot minute. Is this proof of the Trinity laid down in Genesis?

I'm no theologian much less a trinitarian, but this ambiguity of Genesis 18 does give me pause. Definitely, something to pray and contemplate in the days of Lent.

I'm not sure who/where to attribute this mosaic image. I copied it from someone else's webpage and it does not say where they got it. I believe it is a beautiful and ancient-looking representation of Genesis 18 and wanted to include it despite not being able to give credit to the creator.

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