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Mary As Masterpiece

I got to see Michelangelo's Pieta, albeit not a close as I would have liked with all the red velvet ropes keeping everyone a safe distance away and the bullet proof class to ensure it is safe from harm. But I got to see it. It really is the masterpiece everyone says it is. The famous artist had to be channeling the Holy Spirit as he worked. It is the only explanation. Even now, a year later while looking at pictures, I am still in awe of its beauty, its craftsmanship, its affect on my soul.

(This is not my photo. I was too far away for my picture to be high quality enough for posting. This image is copywrite of Luca Morandini.)

I, too, was inspired by the Holy Spirit as I gazed upon His work. These are the words He wrote on my heart that day and I revisit often.

Dear Mary,

Your expression, etched in stone, is almost too much to bear. One would expect to see the horrors you had just witnessed as they murdered God. This is not the case. I see sorrow not despair, acceptance not rage, love not hate, promise not revenge, an offer of eternity not condemnation of sin.

God used Michelangelo to convey his message of salvation in stone rather than all that should have been wrong with the act of killing His son. It is truly astonishing and breathtaking to behold. Had cameras been there, I do not believe a snapshot with all the filters could have captured as much as this one sculpture conveys of God's sacrifice, love, and mercy for all of us. All of it wrapped into your face, looking at your son.

Looking at you with the crucified Christ, I feel I am crafted as His masterpiece, too.

Your daughter in Christ,


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