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St Luke was the 1st Travel Blogger

Recently, I listened to Catholic Saints podcast by the Augustine Institute and the speaker commented that St Luke was the 1st travel blogger and it struck me how correct he was. I chuckled as I considered how much my husband and I enjoy watching hiker's video blogs on YouTube. What would it have looked like if St Luke had a GoPro and logged his thoughts and actions with Paul, et al, as he traveled 1st-century lands?

Would his face have shown the grime of the dirt paths they traveled? Would he have made panoramic shots of the sprawling vistas as they traversed God's known creation? Would he have shared his personal pain of watching the persecutions of the early Christians? Would he have interviewed bystanders and witnesses to all the miracles he recorded in Acts? Did St Luke look like Jim Cavezel in the movie Paul, Apostle of Christ?

Just something fun to consider for today.

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