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Through the eyes of children

Have we completely lost the ability to be genuinely surprised and find awe in our world?

What was once science fiction has become almost expected, even normal. We talk to each other, miles apart, using little hand-held boxes. Riding in complex machines, we can get from point A to point B in minutes with little to no physical effort.

Art, in all forms, is cranked out in such volume that no one marvels at what is truly beautiful. We just accept anything and anyone's interpretation of what the world should call art and consume it.

Thank God for children. And, thank God for the occasions that remind us how exciting and joyful first encounters should be. Watching a child discover rain, flowers, puppies, Christmas lights, and luminaries, should stop us in our tracks.

It should be a reminder that no matter how much we've examined, dissected, or explained the how or why of something, we should find amazement with the world and everything in it.

I took the picture on Christmas Eve at this year's Christmas light exhibit at the Arkansas Botanical Garvan Gardens. They added gorgeous luminaries this year, stopping us in our tracks with child-like awe.

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