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About Me

About Nina

I would call myself a lifelong Catholic revert. Meaning, I would leave and return to my faith multiple times over the course of my life. Each time I was led back by Mother Mary to the feet of her son. It never failed that I would finally heed her invitation just prior to major events in my life. While I regret the wasted years apart from Christ, I am so grateful the Holy Spirit, and Mary, never gave up on me. It took 40 years of coming and going for my heart to really engage, seeking depth and lasting relationship with Christ. This time, I'm not leaving. 

These posts are the result of the Holy Spirit's prompting. After hearing 3 priests mention the Forming Intentional Disciples book, I picked it up and felt compelled to participate in the Gifted and Called program created and hosted by the Catherine of Sienna Institute. Having completed numerous leadership and personality surveys in my professional life, I was no stranger to the process. However, the product was very different. 

For the first time in my life, I really examined my skills and talents through the eyes of others and the Holy Spirit. I hope you enjoy and are touched by the love letters He writes through my hand. 


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faith, teaching, and agriculture.

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