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Joseph was there!

Watching The Chosen connects viewers with the human side of Jesus and his disciples. There is no doubt this is one of the reasons people love it so much. Everyone is so relatable. Watching makes me consider how Jesus must have interacted with people, the emotions He must have felt, His laughter, and even jokes.

It is no surprise my thoughts around His human nature would turn to His birth and His parents during the wondrous event.

Having watched Christmas with The Chosen in theaters this week, it was like the writers read my mind. While the episode they created isn't Catholic, let's not get caught up in the dogma of the scene. Instead, enjoy the artful way the scene evolves, showing humility and surrender,

shedding light on the single most momentous event of all human history.

How intensely Joseph must have felt the weight of knowing his Mary, God's new ark of the covenant, was about to bring God into the world. They were alone, with dirty animals, and he was there!

He would have held her, comforted her. After all, she was a first-time mom and it was a world where women often died in childbirth. The Holy Spirit would have poured over them like they were standing under a waterfall, giving them comfort and peace.

Joseph was the first adorer of Jesus and Our Lady. I'm sure he shed the very first joyous tears for them both.

St Joseph: Spouse of the Mother of God, Chaste guardian of the Virgin, Foster-father of the Son of God, Diligent protector of Christ, Head of the Holy Family, Mirror of patience, Lover of poverty, Model of artisans, Glory of home life, Guardian of virgins, Pillar of families, Solace of the wretched, Hope of the sick, Patron of the dying, Terror of demons, and Protector of Holy Church, Pray for us. Amen

[The picture is taken from The Chosen Christmas Special video. Download the app or find the series on YouTube to watch for free.]

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