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Letter to Mary, written Sept 28, 2019

Dear Mary,

A common story often told is one of a man being asked what he does when he goes to Adoration. His response is "I look at God and he looks back at me." What a simple yet profound statement.

I mean, to physically LOOK at God, not just imagine him as this faceless, body-less person, but to actually look at him! I see a physical body in the Eucharist, faceless and lacking human form, but real none-the-less. And not just imagining but using my physical sight with iris, cornea, and optic nerve to SEE Him.

Non-believers scoff at the idea of sitting in the same room, silently, with what they see as just an unleavened wafer. They don't SEE. They don't even try.

Not only do they not see, they don't FEEL Him in the room. I suspect they must see before they can feel God's presence. It is the doubting Thomas scenario repeated over and over. Scientists would explain the feeling away as a surge of dopamine or some other internal, chemical reaction. This is part of it. It is a reaction. My heart and soul REACT to Christ's physical presence in the Eucharist. I FEEL Him looking at me just the same as I feel my husband looking at me across a crowded room. Sometimes, it is like a tickle of breeze blowing across the back of my neck. Other times, it is like his is touching my heart.

I smile when I think of how intensely he must have looked at you, the woman who participated in his conception and birth into human life. I am sure he marveled at you as much as I do. We are all amazed and in awe of how your acceptance of God's will, in effect, making up for all the disappointment humans have dealt the world over and over through history.

While I know He looks at me intensely as I admire him in the form of the Eucharist, I do look forward to seeing how he looks at both of us when we meet in heaven.

I am blessed to be your daughter in Christ,


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