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Mental Gymnastics

Ever do something so much you forget exactly how you do it? It becomes such a part of you that you have a hard time explaining it to someone else.

This is where I've found myself. I've been teaching and creating lessons for so long, I've internalized the steps. I just do it

Now, I'm responsible for helping future teachers through the process of working toward the stage of unconsciously teaching. I've found myself having to take a couple of steps back to break down and dissect what I do. I have to be able to explain not just the how but the why.

It is exhilarating and exhausting, but the good kind. I haven't done mental gymnastics like this for quite some time.

Apparently, I needed the stretch. It's so much fun demonstrating demonstrations, lecturing about lectures, and creating interest approaches to get them interested. Oh, the best one: brainstorming about brainstorming!

I hope the students are having as much fun as I'm having.

I'm in full-on ag teacher mode. I take pictures of everything, including this round rod and washers outdoor table and chairs set at a local flea market. All the while I'm thinking, "this would make a great shop project."

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