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Save us, Savior of the World

At every Mass, we recite/sing the Mystery of Faith. I love all three versions but one plays in my mind several times a day lately. I find the melody playing, the words rising from my heart, the emotion gripping my thoughts when I least expect it.

Save us, Savior of the world,

for by your Cross and Resurrection

you have set us free.

Save us. It takes the realization of knowing we are lost, drowning in darkness, to get us to beg to be saved.

Savior of the world. God provided us with the greatest sacrifice of all time to bring us back into communion with him.

For by your Cross and Resurrection. My heart aches at the thought of how broken we are to need God to suffer death and rise again, to prove he has conquered death, to prove we can have everlasting life.

You have set us free. Free from eternal death. Free from the trappings of this life. Free to spend eternity with God.

I took this picture while on pilgrimage in Rome.

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1 comentário

12 de mar. de 2021

Beautiful! So true, so true. And, is this not the essence of Lent?



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