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Shift: Changing Our Focus to See the Presence of God

You cannot keep from being changed once you feel God’s presence and grace. Countless witness stories relate the moment when people turn from sin to face God, to bask in His grace.

Practiced believers will easily relate to Abby McDonald’s self-examination of her own Shift-points while raising children, buying and selling homes, moving for employment opportunities, and navigating family dynamics. She proves it is never too late to recognize when God is breathing into us.

She illustrates how the added retrospect sharpens our Christ-centered lens, making it possible to find Him in every moment. In a number of places, McDonald definitively lays out examples of the lies we tell ourselves, at the behest of the Great Deceiver, contrasted with God’s reality for us. Easily seeing the falsehoods in light of God’s truth focuses the lens further.

I recommend a prayerful read of Shift. Take the time to use the lens-adjusting questions at the end of each chapter to polish and concentrate your life on God’s love for you, identify how He has worked in your life even when you weren’t paying attention, and let His grace envelop you.

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