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Surrender has never really been a part of my life, much less my vocabulary. However, as I grow in age, and hopefully wisdom, it is an attitude of prayer I find myself working to embrace.

A beautiful tree on my morning walk, surrendering to the winter season.

I marvel when I see others practice it so easily. I almost audibly gasp at the grace that flows as an individual yields control and gives power to those around them. Our culture says this relinquishment is weakness. Our Lord says the meek will inherit the earth. Mt 5:5

I say a prayer of gratitude at the chance to pull cactus spines from a finger, to clean someone else's plate from the table, to accept a ride rather than always driving myself, the offer of reflective gear to stay safe while walking, and the gift of a prayer candle to light in the church.

Everywhere I see others model acquiescence. While I love receiving the graces from God through them, it makes me want to be his instrument, too. I promise I will keep working to surrender control as I continue to grow in age and wisdom.

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