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The Chosen

The Chosen is the TV series I didn't know I needed in my life. From the very first episode, I journeyed with the biblical characters through terror, joy, shame, forgiveness, acceptance, and mission. The story telling brought scripture to life in front of me. I felt as if my soul was stepping into the life and times of Christ and his apostles.

Complete with all the quality of today's cinematic expertise and beauty, I was able to live their moments of brokenness with them. I felt their need for salvation as the stories of Mary Magdeline, Simon-Peter, Andrew, and Matthew unfolded. I laughed at Simon's impulsiveness then cried at his dispair. My heart ached for Matthew then rejoiced at his call to follow. Everything about this series, including compelling character development, enveloping musical scores with universal tones, and authentic acting, draws me into imagining the life and actions of Jesus and his apostles.

While much of the storyline is inferred from scripture, director Dallas Jenkins and his team of writers artfully bring the written page to life. Without a doubt, this will be the Moses, Ben Her, and The Ten Commandments of our generation.

I watched the first episode on my computer but have advanced to watching on the app, available for free for IOS and Android, even casting to my smart TV for family and friends to watch with me. In addition, there are multiple ways to access the series now. You can purchase the DVDs directly from, Amazon, and even at Walmart, I believe. It is also available on a variety of streaming services such as Roku, YouTube, and Apple.

I should point out this series is the #1 crowdfunded series in the world right now. This means people are purchasing merchandise, buying the first season, and paying it forward so Jenkins and his entire crew get paid to create the series. There is no Hollywood financing, no giant profit margin for movie moguls.

The story of Christ and his disciples is being told around the world and in multiple languages because everyday people, like you and me, are contributing what they can to make it happen.

I pray the writers will not stop at the resurrection. The story of the apostles continues beyond Penticost into our own lives. We are the chosen ones following in their tradition and called to share The Good News. This series makes our mission easier. I know I will watch this entire series, again and again, sharing it with anyone and everyone.

(The image is from The Chosen's website and appears on a DVD jacket.)

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