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We Need Others

We all need community. When we spend too much time alone, we make idols out of ourselves.

We start to fail to consider how our actions affect others, both directly and indirectly. We begin to believe every thought we have is gold.

We need

others to reflect Christ for us.

others to prove us wrong when we sink into self-adoration.

others to remind us of our own frailty and vulnerability.

others to care about and care for.

others to give us the opportunity to share God's mercy and love.

others to pray for and pray with.

others to share the fruits of our labors.

others to push us to do more for God.

others to amplify and elevate us toward God.

others to prove we are not God.

We need others.

I took this picture of the roses in the Santa Barbara Mission rose garden, just prior to beginning my first Mission walk from the parking lot. One rose is beautiful but when paired with others its beauty is amplified and elevated.

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