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Wedding Feast at Cana

This liturgical year the Church celebrates the trifecta of feasts in January. We've been launched into anything but Ordinary Time with the Visit of the Magi, followed by the Baptism of Christ, and ending with the Wedding Feast at Cana. In 3 weeks, the liturgy moved us from the birth of Christ to the start of his public ministry. It's really amazing when you really sit with the thought.

Truth be told, I have always loved the Cana wedding scripture. Even as a little girl, I found so much joy from reading and listening as the story unfolded. It wasn't until I was getting married I came to really examine and understand how Jesus, in the moment of willing the water into wine, made marriage a sacrament for the Church.

It should have been enough to have Jesus at their wedding but imagine the graces poured on them as he actively takes part in the celebration. He wasn't there just as a guest, passively watching the scenes unfold. Oh no, his momma made sure the blessings just kept coming for the couple and all of their guests. He does this at every single wedding and one of the many reasons why weddings are supposed to take place in the church building, in front of the tabernacle. So he can be physically present in one of the most joyous moments in a couple's life.

Whether someone is considering marriage or has been married as long as I have, this feast is a reminder of how important it is to ensure Jesus takes an active part in our own wedding feast and in our marriage on a daily basis. He will conquer every obstacle thrown in the way when he completes the marriage covenant. And it never hurts to ask his momma for help. It's obvious he can't refuse her requests.

This picture was taken in 1992 when I married the man God created for me at St Boniface Catholic Church in New Dixie, Arkansas. We thought we were grown but were really just babies!

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