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Why Mary?

God makes everything perfect even when we can't see it.

Genesis 3:21-25 shares how Eve was made from Adam's rib. She was made to complement him. Not as his subordinate or even his equal.

In this light, consider all the complementary pairs in the world besides man and woman. There is salt and pepper, sweet and sour, light and dark, sun and moon, fluid and solid, young and old, yin and yang, and the list goes on and on.

Why, then, would God make himself in the form of a perfect man without making a perfect woman to compliment him? Is it so far-fetched to think He couldn't make a perfect woman if He wanted to so? Can we put such a limit on God?

It's actually quite arrogant of modern minds to think God would become human, in the form of man, without creating a complementary woman to emulate all that is good about womanhood.

I often reflect on how changed my heart was as I began developing my personal relationship with Christ. I know how changed women are during pregnancy and after birth. I can only imagine how holy Mary became as her blood mingled with Christ's invitro! Sit with that thought for a while. It blew my mind when it was proposed to me.

God gave Moses strict instructions for exactly how He wanted the arc built before He would reside among His chosen people. With Mary, He reached down to her mother and fashioned her very being as His new arc, again invitro. Again, mind blown!

And if that isn't enough to set you on your heels today, consider how God crafted the perfect family to emulate for eternity. In Joseph, we find protector and caretaker of His flesh and His arc. He listens to God on every occasion and the fruit of his paternal labor is evidenced by the man, rather than the diety, of Jesus.

God elevated the adoption of children for all eternity. The story of a Holy man accepting, protecting, and raising a child he knew was not of his flesh is a testament for all generations since and to come.

Our current culture wants to shred the complementary nature of man and women, calls Mary a myth rather than admit her status as perfect feminity, and forgets Christ's teachings about loving each other, especially children. How different would our world be if the none's looked beyond their TV, movie, and social media stars to find the real role models God created in His Holy Family?

The Feast of the Holy Family is celebrated each year on the Sunday after Christmas.

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1 Comment

Brian Kibirige
Brian Kibirige
Dec 02, 2021

Nice one.



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