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A love letter

This letter was written by the Holy Spirit for a dear friend who had just lost her husband to cancer. It was such a wonderful experience to have the Holy Spirit use me as his writing instrument. It was honestly like taking dictation. I share this with you because it is so beautiful and a reminder that while we mourn, we are never alone. I have removed the names to protect my friend.

My Child,

I see you. I know you. You are in my heart, always. As you navigate this dark period in your life, know that I am at your side, holding you, loving you. The pain seems overwhelming and consuming. Turn your eyes to me. I am your light in this darkness. Do not despair. Despair means you've given up and lost sight of me, lost sight of heaven.

Rest now. Rest knowing I embrace [your husband]. He is whole and healed as he beholds the glory of his own transfiguration with me. Weep happy tears for him, not sad ones for yourself.

I know there is a vacancy in your heart. Fill it with me. I know there is absence in your home and when your family returns to their lives, you will feel the absence even more. Fill it with me. I know you already miss the tender touches, the laughter, the baritone voice. Fill those moments of longing with me.

Child, I am the Alpha and the Omega. What seems like an end in this life is only the beginning of the next. Both of you have suffered during this last year. It was not wasted. I love how it brought you closer to each other and to me. Remember those times and those feelings. Seek them whenever you begin to feel the darkness advancing. I am the light who drives it away.

In light you find all the colors of life. The red of anger, which you are going to experience; the blue of sadness, which will be a steady companion for some time; the yellow of joy, which you should experience every time you think of [your husband] gazing upon the face of God and getting answers to his multitude of questions (you know he's got them); the orange warmth of a good fire, a beautiful sunset; the green of life, so many shades We painted on the landscape for all to enjoy; oh, and the purple, a reminder of my royalty and reign for all eternity. This is the light that surrounds you, always. Look for it!

It is no coincidence [your husband] passed during the preparation of Lent. His suffering is untied to my sorrowful passion, given for all humanity. It is no coincidence he took his last breaths as the world sought my Mother's intercession. She was there, at his side and yours, begging to God, the Father, on both your behalf. She made sure of it.

We all heard his heart speak the words "...the time of my departure is at hand. I have competed well; I have finished the race. I have kept the faith...The crown of righteousness awaits me."

In return, as he stepped from your life to mine, he was greeted with "You have done well my good and faithful servant."



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1 Comment

Jun 15, 2020

The love letter to your grieving friend was so poignant and comforting. Thanks for sharing.



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