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Adam and Eve were the first farmers

The Lord God then took the man and settled him in the garden of Eden, to cultivate and care for it. Genesis 2:15

One of the most profound meditations for me has been reflecting on the human need to cultivate. Consider this: we are called to be co-creators with

God. He actually gives us the ability to share in making His creation! This is the wonder of parents holding a newborn, the farmer and gardener planting and harvesting crops, the rancher matching bulls and heifers, the artist designing, the architect drawing, the craftsmen building, the teacher nurturing learners. This act of co-creation is almost a salve for the longing God placed in our hearts for Him. For me, the simple act of watering plants, swinging a hammer, teaching a lesson, and writing brings me closer to my creator as I use my hands and heart to fashion His creation. When my heart recognizes the sensation, no task seems trivial or worth skipping over.

Genesis 2:15 becomes ultra clear when I consider it with my new lens. It explains so much of who I am and who I want to be. I am, we are, cultivators!

By definition, it means we work with God to prepare and work the land, promote plant and animal growth, educate and train, devote ourselves to creating art and culture, foster friendship and love. It is our attempt to gain a sense of the supernatural as we co-create.

I smile as I think of all the times I've gotten carried away buying seed and plants, hooking up an automated watering system with a fertilizer injector, going to purchase one animal and came back with more than just one, and the students I've taught who grew and blossomed before my eyes.

I have to remember to savor the fruits of the labor. Whether it's a ripe berry, sitting under the shade of a tree carefully pruned for years, or watching a student embark on life after school, my heart and soul sing with delight, sing with God's grace in letting me play even a small role in his handiwork. Nothing seems like actual work when I see myself as He sees me, as he fashioned me, as his co-creator, just like Adam and Eve.

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