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Crucify Him!

Every year, regardless which of the 4 Gospels is read, the crowd saying "Crucify him" gets to me. I feel a lump in my throat and tears welling as the narrator gets closer and closer to where parishioners read the words of the crowd. I can imagine the mob mentality that took over the same people who, just days before, who were waving palm branches as Jesus entered the city.

Pride makes me want to believe I would never have done such a thing. But I know better. I've felt how a large group of people can start to create emotions, create behaviors, take over a person's judgement. Luckily, I've only personally

witnessed this in a positive atmosphere. But I've watched news and cell phone recordings where a similar crowd, whipping everyone around them into a frenzy, shouting slogans and catch phrases, can cause good people to do bad things.

Perhaps this is one reason we read, out load, all 4 versions of the crucifixion during the Easter season every year. We need to be reminded how easily we can be swayed by evil, how easy good people can be made to do bad things.

Lord forgive us, we know not what we do.

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