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I am one of The Chosen

They will know us by our joy!

As I arrived in the Dallas metro area the day before due on set to get my PCR-COVID test, it became very evident that no one was going to be a stranger. Everyone at the hotel was so excited to take part in the filming and greeted everyone as friends they hadn't met yet.

People from all over the country, even the world, from all walks of life converged on one location to be a part of something bigger than themselves; to be a part of sharing the good news; to be a part of God's works in this life; to be an extra in the Feeding the 5000 scenes.

At no point in my own life have I ever considered myself an evangelist but suddenly, and willingly, I feel like I've become one in my own way.

I've certainly come a long way, both figuratively and literally. I've walked over 2000 miles on pilgrimage in Italy, Portugal, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and California to get to the point where I feel comfortable sharing my faith. Pushing my physical fortitude to seek God in sacred spaces has opened my mind and my heart to take the experiences he provides and let his love and light shine forth.

So, now I find myself dressed like a 1st-century Roman sweating off pounds and drinking electrolyte-infused water like a fish. Everyone is joking about being called the fried-5000 or the roasted-chosen. Despite the discomfort, no one is cranky or unhappy. Everyone smiles, greets one another, asks where you're from, and shares what this experience means to them.

I would never have imagined myself taking so many adventures a decade ago. It is amazing how the Holy Spirit will move in your life if you just open your heart and say "yes" to whatever enterprise He brings your way.

When you say "yes", you just might find yourself surrounded by 5000 friends you haven't met yet singing praise and worship songs on a TV film set.

Filming was in July 2022, and I'm just getting around to transcribing my reflections into this blog. Season 3 of The Chosen is airing now on their app at Maybe you'll get to see my hand receive a piece of bread from Nathanial or Judas.

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19 de jan. de 2023

I would say everyone you met was a holy encounter. What a wonderful experience to be around so may people with faith. What a beautiful way to be able to show your hope and faith. Sending you blessings…..



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