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Spend An Hour With Me

Jesus said to the apostles, "So you could not keep watch with me for one hour?"

This is the reoccurring verse for me during adoration this week. Not because I'm in the adoration chapel, but because I am not there near enough.

Jesus cries out to me repeatedly to spend time with him. And, I do not. Such a simple request, to be filled in so many different ways, and, yet, I fail to do it over and over.

I am resolved to work harder to fulfill His request

by being more attentive to those around me,

by looking for Christ in them,

by looking for ways to help the poor in spirit, and

by looking for ways to build up His church.

It is actually the least I can attempt to do. Thankfully, He loves me even when my resolve fails.

This is the beautiful, little adoration chapel at the Santa Inez Mission. I spent afternoons on Days 3 & 4 of my first Mission walk in front of the tabernacle, writing and offering prayers of thanksgiving for all the grace poured out on me during the pilgrimage. Notice the clamshell surrounding the tabernacle. It has multiple layers of meaning on this route.

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